At the core of this software is a SimuCUBE board, which guarantees all the Force feedback provided to the simulator. On the other hand, the IONIC POHC driver manages the power supplied to the servo motor, with an intensity that can reach 25A. The Mean Well (PSU) power supply ensures power in a safe and stable way.


A robust industrial servomotor, from he MiGE brand, model 130ST, able to faithfully reproduces the movements that the simulator sends to the SimuCUBE Force Feedback controller.

Thanks to Direct Drive technology, it is possible to assure a quick and direct response from the steering wheel, since there are no belts or transmissions that can in any way disturb the driving sensations. This servo motor also incorporates a high resolution encoder, capable of ensuring precise positioning in each movement.

Tech Specs

Servomotors 130ST

  • 18Nm: With a power of 1.5kW and a maximum torque of up to 18Nm, it is presented as one of the ideal options for its good performance. 186x130x130mm (LxWxH). 7.5kg.
  • 20Nm: Servomotor of 1.0 KW of power and 20Nm of maximum torque. 213x130x130mm (LxWxH). 10.5kg.
  • 30 Nm: Known as the LARGE, it stands out in our selection of servo motors for supplying a maximum torque of 30Nm and 2.3KW of power. 240x130x130mm (LxWxH) 12.5kg.


  • BiSS C (4.2 M CPR): Absolute 22-bit encoder and up to 4.2 million CPR. It allows the positioning of the servo motor in a precise way, achieving a supreme definition with respect to any other type of encoder.

Servo Drive

  • IONI PROHC: Able to manage a maximum intensity of up to 25A. The intensity will be adjusted according to the technical characteristics of each servomotor.

Power Suply Unit (Optional)

  • NDR 480W (20Nm): this PSU supplies the power safely and stably to the electronics. Its nominal power of 480W allows the servomotor of 20Nm to execute its movements with optimum torque.
  • SDR 720W (18Nm/30Nm): With up to 720W, this PSU is the perfect choice for servomotors with 18Nm and 30Nm, allowing them to develop maximum torque in the most extreme situations.

Steering Wheels (Optional)

Augury Simulations markets a wide range of steering wheels, all compatible with the H Kit series. With competitive pricing, these proposals range from the advanced F1S and Akira GP, developed in partnership with Simulaje, to more conventional proposals such as the GT1Pro and SRC Cup, developed by Simracingcoach.


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