FANATEC CSL Elite Racing Wheel Officially Licensed for PS4


FANATEC® yesterday released a new product for the CSL Elite Series, expanding their mid-class range. The CSL Elite Racing Wheel is now officially licensed for PS4™, a platform from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE). Through a partnership established with SIEE, FANATEC® ensures that this wheel will work seamlessly with all PS4™ and PS4™ Pro consoles. Proof of that is that this wheel has the oficial PS and action buttons within the consoles system menu.

FANATEC®‘s worldwide known force feedback capabilities are fully available in this wheel on the PS4™ , which was designed with quality materials, providing exceptional stability and durability. It also comes with many fine-detailed features, including:

  • A powerful brushless servo motor which combined with a 1080° single belt drive delivers detailed and strong force feedback resulting in ultra-low lag and cogging.
  • Big ball bearings ensure reduced friction.
  • A Direct Sensor™ on the steering axis prevents influences on the belt drive and on the steering angle measurement.
  • The multi-functional three-digit LED display and tuning menu provide the ability to personalize all force feedback sensations. From strength to sensitivity – all of these settings can be adjusted even during gameplay.
  • The nine LEDs on the upper front of the base can show rev lights or other functionalities like fuel level in compatible games.
  • The inclusion of a table clamp ensures the quick and tool-less attachment of the racing wheel to a desk or table, while it can also be mounted to a cockpit using the three hard-mount bolt pattern.

The realistic sized steering wheel (Ø30cm/11,81″) has a lightweight design of only approx. 970g which makes it the lightest steering wheel Fanatec currently offers. The design incorporates aluminium spokes, a fibre enforced back cover, as well as perforated genuine leather as the grips with suede fabric on the upper and lower areas.

The RevStripe™ is a combined centrestripe and revmeter, which utilises a multicolour LED. Besides the tuning menu functions, the three-digit LED display which is smoothly integrated into the wheel rim is also able to show real-time telemetry data sent by games or third-party software.

The steering wheel can be interchanged within seconds thanks to the quick release system – even during gameplay.

The CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™ will be compatible with a range of upcoming PS4™ games including GT Sport, DiRT 4 and Project Cars II, as well as already published games using the ClubSport Wheel Base V2 compatibility mode.

This product is already available for online purchase exclusively in the Fanatec Webshop. At the moment, it will be only available for European and Australian markets, but FANATEC® is considering expanding the sales to other markets.

The CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4™ is available for €499.95 (VAT incl.) and AUD 749.90. Additionally, you can opt for the CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit for PC and PS4 (which includes CSL Elite Pedals) for €599.95 (VAT incl.) and AUD 799.90.

Photos: Officials/FANATEC® 




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