LMS120 Cars/Drivers/Teams Page Released (rFactor 2)


For the second straight season, OnWheelsTV had the honor of providing media coverage for a series hosted by GTItalia on rFactor 2. With eight rounds, basically raced every two weeks, the LMS120 championship gave us tremendous fun and excitement, with 40 drivers competing till the end. Alain Setola (ReBorn Racers) and Alessandro Puoti (NXT Racing) are going straight to the GTItalia history book, for winning repectively, in the Enduracers (LMP2) and GT3 World Series classes.

Today we bring to you the Cars/Drivers/Teams page, which provides the same glamour to all drivers racing this championship, regardless of how they performed. This is one of the talents from our Sim Racing Series coverage, one that we are very proud of, because we in fact, bring a all new image and dimension to the series we follow.

You can watch the Cars/Drivers/Page HERE, or you can simply click on it, on the sidebar, just below the GTItalia advertisement banner. We remind you that these sidebars are exclusive for the GTItalia content, which can be extensively followed HERE.

Thank you to GTItalia for providing us the opportunity of promoting their championships.



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