MRS-SimRacing ISEC Round 2 Race Report


Round 2 of the International Sim Endurance Championship 2017 took place on June 10th, 2017 in Imola. We were on the grid with all three cars, fully motivated, perfect weather conditions. The server was up and running, the live-marshalls waiting to punish.

Racereport #34 Ligier Nissan LMP2:
Armin Binder and Oliver Ernst went into the raceweekend on the prototype. Oliver drove the qualifying-session and placed the car on P5.
Olli drove the start-stint and managed to work his way up to P4, running a good pace. He went into the pits for a refill, then drove another stint and handed the car over to Armin.
With a full tank and fresh tires, Armin joined the race on P1, but due to differing pitstop-strategies, the field was mixed up a few laps later.
Armin had a few little problems, but nothing big, driving his double-stint. He finished on P2!
A great result, but both drivers weren’t happy. The guys said, a win would have been possible, but because of the little mistakes they just didn’t make it.
The Nissan is currently on P3 overall in the championship and only 3 points behind the leader.

Racereport #73 Ferrari 458 GTE:
Andreas Schmich and Gerhard Lindauer were warming up early, with Andreas going into the qualifying-session. The lap was ok, but he couldn’t keep up with the best laptimes. So we ended up on P6.
The start of the race went really well for us, Andreas getting up to P5 and defending his position. He had a very hard time on the track, with some of the prototypes lapping in a very dangerous manner. Still, he could avoid any crashes and handed the car over after his double-stint to Gerhard.
Gerhard took over the Ferrari and drove his double-stint. He didn’t have any incidents either, but wasn’t happy with his pace.
Both drove the Hard-compound tires over 2 hours. They both noticed their tactics were great, but the car was just too slow. Good driving from both, but “just” P4 on the finish line.
The Ferrari is currently on P3 in class with 24 points short of the championship leader.

Racereport #74 Viper GTE:
Martin Schmid and Danny Schubert drove the Viper. Martin went into the qualifying-session, where he fucked up his fastest lap, placing the Viper on P13 in class.
Danny drove the startstint, and he got spun straight after the start. Our American Beast fought it’s way back. At the end of his stint he had a collision with a lapped car, which cost them a 10 minute repair of the car. Martin Schmid took over the car.
Martin went into a double-stint in full attack mode. He made up a 3-lap gap to their direct opponents. He handed the car back to Danny for the 4th quarter.
Danny drove some solid laps, but suffered a disconnect just before the end. Still our Viper-boys made P9.
The Viper is currently on P5 in class of the championship, 32 points behind the leaders.

In case you missed the race, you can watch it here, commented by Will Barnes Racing and Felix van Delft:

We see you again on June 8th in Spa for the 6 hour race!!!

Text and Photos: Officials/MRS-SimRacing




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