Get Your New Ride for Le Mans And… Prepare for Rallycross


iRacing is preparing the entry of two cars in a very important week for motorsports fans, with thousands all over the world following, via TV or just through the web, the 85th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. There are multiple sports cars fans involved in sim racing and many of them use iRacing to have fun and feel closer to motorsports. This week, iRacing will also be within the spirit of Le Mans, with the release of two late generation GTE cars, the Ford GT and the Ferrari 488 GTE. This is the perfect timing to release two very important cars and we have no doubt that more people are coming to iRacing starting from the early hours of tomorrow. Hopefully, we will be able to talk a litle bit more about this tomorrow.

And Rallycross is getting interesting too…

Races on Oval and Road, or said in a different way, tarmac is not all iRacing is foccused on nowadays and, since the start of their involvement in Dirt content, we have been receiving very interesting news. First, iRacing released Dirt content for oval tracks , but they will be soon adding Rallycross to the “party”. We already knew that the Rallycross version of the Ford Fiesta is headed to iRacing, but now we know more, especially after the vídeo they released to announce the arrival of the VW Beetle GRC, scheduled to be available as of this Fall.

On that subject, here is the official iRacing vídeo, announcing this amazing car, another capable of bringing a all-new breed of sim racers to a sim that keeps unlocking limits for users to enjoy.

Stay tuned!



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