Formula RaceRoom X17 Presented


Sector 3 Studios today presented the new content item soon to be released for RaceRoom, the Formula RaceRoom X17. When released, this will be the quickest car available in the sim, as well as the most performant of all single seater (formula) choices for RaceRoom users all over the world. The car will make use of a virtual V10 engine and slick tyres. As it is common in this sim with all cars currently available, the X17 will have amazing performance and sounds and, as assured by Sector 3 Studios, impressive mechanical grip. So guys, our advice is… stay tuned!

Below the photo álbum, you can check the features of the Formula RaceRoom X17.


The Car:

  • 3.0 liter V10
  • 950hp @ 19000 rpm
  • 370Nm @ 17000 rpm
  • 7 speed paddle shift
  • 620 kg including driver
  • 44/56% Weight distribution, including driver, excluding fuel
  • 150 liter fuel tank
  • Maximum theoretical downforce is aprox 2800 kg @ 322 km/h.
  • Traction Control available
  • DRS System

Along with the announcement of this content, Sector 3 Studios also released a vídeo of a review to the Formula RaceRoom X17 car.



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