REIZA Releases v1.3.95 of AUTOMOBILISTA Beta


The guys at REIZA Studios have been working really hard and proof of that is the amount of content they released in the latest version of AUTOMOBILISTA Beta (v1.3.95). Obviously the most impressive of those contents is the W.I.P. of the Formula Ultimate, followed by the most recent track, Hockenheimring, but all in all, they introduced a considerable amount of layouts for tracks and lots other new stuff that definitely steps up the performance of the sim. On this subject, we prepared a “News Flash” vídeo and will have more about this in the coming days. You can see our “News Flash” vídeo, some photos we edited and the v1.3.95 Changelog.



Build v1.3.95 Changelog:

Added F-Ultimate series (WIP)
Added Hockenheim National, Short A & B layouts
Added new 2017 GP layouts to Interlagos, Montreal, Kansai, Spielberg & Hockenheim featuring updated tire compound rules & DRS zones
Added new driver model & new customized suits & gloves to all vehicles
Added configuration option to all vehicles for visible driver arms in cockpit view *
Added new options to Audio menu for master volume, trackside volume, Audio PostFX levels & button to restore default audio settings
Added new Main Menu ordering parameter to SRS files & re-ordered positions for F-Ultimate & Lancer Cup Series
Added config overrides to search correct driver talent folders (fixing bug with drivers present in multiple series occasionally loading the wrong file and misperforming as a result) **
Reduced AI lifting after race finish & added a randomization function so they don´t all slow down the same way
Customized AI throttle functions at race start to a realistic behavior for each series
Changed AI reaction time to green lights so it´s no longer instantaneous but within a more human range of 0.1s-1.0s
Added new TireManagement & AIStartSkill to driver RCD files – the lower the first value, the more the AI will wear its tires; the lower the 2nd value the more chance AI driver will bog down at the start ***
Reverted Realfeel FrontGripEffect from 0.1 to 0.0 as used up to previous Beta update
Reverted curb volumes to earlier values
Roughened up flat curbs at Taruma, Londrina
Reduced default suspension packer settings in several cars
Further adjustment to vehicle undertray friction parameters
F3: Reduced aero loss in draft
StockV8: fixed lcd laptime info
Montana: Fixed max opponents

* Not added to FTruck yet; Since arms are added as objects rather than 3D animation, they´re not articulated nor do they have gear shifting animations; for the same reason steering wheel rotation animation is limited to 90º in each direction when driver arms are installed; in some cars, driver arms configuration is merged with seat position and / or cockpit type; Most cars have visible driver arms from external view irrespective of whether cockpit configuration is used or not – exception being vehicles where this solution was not considered to look acceptable (such as karts).

** In case of series with drivers featuring in multiple categories (ex Barrichello who is a driver in V10, StockV8, Kart) in order to get the series-correct team / driver performance, tire wear and start skill, user is advised to select the specific series rather than All Cars / Tracks.

*** Only F-Classic & F-Reiza for now have these new values – it will be added for remaining series in the next update.

IMPORTANT: If you have any audio issues try clicking button to restore default settings in Audio menu.


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