GTItália Promotes Simracing During the Historic Minardi Day


The Historic Minardi Day is hosted by Giancarlo Minardi since 2016. It is a two-day event that provides motorsports enthusiasts the opportunity to see old Formula and GT cars taking the track at the Autodromo Enzo and Dino Ferrari (Imola). This year’s edition of this event is scheduled for the weekend of 6-to-7 May and the entry is free for everybody. Also, the pitlane will be completly open.

Inside this venue, GTItalia is going to provide some simulator pods together with Car Man, AK Informatica and ASR Formula.

During this weekend, trying to provide a thorough idea of what sim racing is, GTItalia’s next racing event, SE474 (rFactor 2), will be broadcasted live during the Historic Minardi Day at Imola.

You can also take part in this very interesting event. HERE is the link for the event at GTItalia. You just have to register in the website and then register for the event, which is completely free.



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